Our Works


This sorority is in place for women who are called into the areas of Ministry and Business. This is a sisterhood, where women can come together on one accord to be helpers one to another, by uplifting and holding one another accountable while being a sister at the same time. "For we are, our sister's keeper"! We are better together, than we are separated!

Women in Ministry:

This sorority is in place to give women a training ground and a source of strength and encouragement, while being called into the areas of Ministry. These ministries can consist of those that fall into the areas of the Five-Fold ("And He gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers." -Ephesians 4:11), as well as other areas of ministry.


Women in Business:

This sorority is in place to be a knowledge and education base for women in Business.  These women consist of entrepreneurs, inspiring entrepreneurs or any women that work or desire to work in a business setting of any kind.


This sorority strongly believes in the need for Mentorship. Mentors also known as midwifes, are in place in this sorority to help women get more of the one on one help and resources that they need, to push out the God-given purpose that lies within them. Our mentorship programs are available, and will soon be available for the younger ladies.

Community Service:

This sorority believes that giving back to the community and serving is vital to life, and a biblical obligation by God. This sorority stands on the principle that "in order to lead, a person must first be able to follow or serve". Because of this we take serious our ability to participate in community events and activities, as well as hosting events.

We are SOMU!!!!